Pitched as The Raven Boys meets The Haunting of Hill House


A deadly black fog that is hungry for blood. A lone Catholic boarding school on a remote island. The dark woods that whisper secrets to those who are willing to listen. 


Three rescue boats full of children shipped to a remote boarding school at the edge of nowhere are all that remain after The Other, a black mist that feeds on the souls of the living, plunges the world into an apocalyptic darkness. In order to live, the soldiers set strict rules for the children on the island: One, everyone must work together in order to survive. Two, when The Other breaches the shore, one must be sacrificed for the good of the whole. Three, under no circumstances is anyone allowed to enter the woods.


But a group of seven teens realize that maybe it's no accident that they ended up on this island, or that they can hear the voices in the woods. Maybe the darkness has been calling them home for longer than they realized.

Flower Arrangement 4
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